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A comprehensive platform
for analysing and monitoring
alternative investments

By 2020, global assets in alternative investments will grow to $18.1 trillion, from $10 trillion as of 2015, at an average of 11% a year.

Alidat provides first class data and insights to assist asset managers, wealth managers and family offices confronting the rising demand for alternative investments. For academic purposes, Alidat constitutes an innovative and dedicated solution for research and education on this particular asset class.

A technology to exploit the momentous shift towards alternative
investments and the related data-driven revolution

To keep the Alidat platform up-to-date, a proprietary algorithm analyses, standardises and validates thousands of new data points and information on a monthly basis.
Alidat employs on the edge technology to exploit more than 250k data points on cash-flows and performance metrics.

Alidat provides useful insights and tools for investment and asset managers to adapt to changing investor needs and to improve their performance.

Alidat covers firms and funds in private equity, hedge funds,
real estate & infrastructure, and real assets industries.

Market analysis

Access key information for each investment vehicle (firm, investment strategy, industry and geographic focus, target size, and closing)
Access detailed profiles for fund managers including background, key contacts, investment criteria and funds raised/raising
Access and analyse performance metrics and compare individual funds against each other and the appropriate benchmarks
Assess returns by region, fund type and fund vintage. View past performance for specific managers against their peer groups and for general portfolio management
Select, compare and analyse funds according to your criteria (by type, size, vintage year, etc.)
Conduct market research on fund managers via a comprehensive advanced search you can select the most appropriate fund managers by filtering them using extensive criteria. Search by investment strategy as well as by geographic area
Assess each firm’s long-term track record: quartile/monthly performance over several fund generations
Conduct market analysis and track the latest trends in alternative asset classes
Alidat analyses thousands of data points each quarter to understand how private markets are performing. Our research helps you understand your performance momentum, identify peer benchmark progression, and dig deep into your ability to generate alpha relative to public markets

Investments monitoring

Assess key performance data for each fund (size, vintage, type, called-up, distributed, unrealised value, multiples, IRR)
View historic performance graph to assess how performance data has changed over time
View cash flow graphs to assess how quickly funds have called and distributed capital and what their net cash flow position is
Conduct due diligence on firms, with net-to-LP returns showing how well fund managers have performed over time
Analyse quartile performance against benchmarks or against your own custom peer benchmark (filters include vintage year, style, focus, size, and geography)
View fully transparent market benchmarks by fund type and region focus. Benchmark data for called-up, distribution, value and quartile IRRs and multiples
Proprietary technology and transparent dataset to analyse funds performance relative to peers, private and public markets
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